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Facilities Checklist

The following checklist was developed by the U.S. Department of Labors One-Stop Disability Initiative to ensure that the facilities of One-Stop Centers are physically accessible and welcoming for people with disabilities, and comply with ADA requirements for physical accessibility.

Editors note: A few additional items have been added to the original USDOL version of this checklist

Part 1: Entrance Accessibility

People with disabilities should be able to arrive on the site, approach the building, and enter the building as freely as everyone else. At least one path of travel should be safe and accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Path of Travel

Note: In order to be detected using a cane, an object must be within 27 inches of the ground. Objects hanging or mounted overhead must be higher than 80 inches to provide clear headroom. It is not necessary to remove objects that protrude less than 4 inches from the wall.


Note: Slope is given as a ratio of the height to the length; 1:12 means that for every 12 inches along the base of the ramp, the height increases one inch. For a 1:12 maximum slope, at least one foot of ramp length is needed for each inch of height.

Parking and Drop-Off Areas

Are an adequate number of accessible parking spaces available (8 feet wide for car plus 5-foot striped access aisle)?

For guidance in determining the appropriate number to designate, the table below gives the ADAAG requirements for new construction and alterations. For lots with more than 100 spaces, contact ADAAG (see the Access Board listing at the end of this section):

Total spaces = 1 to 25
Required # of accessible spaces= 1

Total spaces = 25 to 50
Required # of accessible spaces= 2

Total spaces = 51 to 75
Required # of accessible spaces= 3

Total spaces = 76 to 100
Required # of accessible spaces= 4

Note: Check your state building code for parking requirements. State codes can be more stringent.

Note: At least one of every 8 accessible spaces must be van-accessible.


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