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Simple Screening Tool for Possible Emotional or Mental Health Issues

There are times when One-Stop staff may see indications that a customer may have emotional or mental health issues. One-Stop staff are not intended to be diagnosticians. However, this simple screening tool can assist One-Stop staff in determining the possible presence of an emotional or mental health issue.

For more information, contact:
Joe Marrone, ICI
4517 NE 39th Ave.
Portland, OR 97211-8124
TEL: 503-331-0687

NOTE: Several states have recently begun to pilot assessment instruments for people with mental illness on TANF. The state of Minnesota is the furthest along as of this writing (April, 2000) and readers may want to contact the Minnesota DSHS, both the Family Investment Program and Mental Health Division, for more specific information about recent results.

Written by:

Joe Marrone

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