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Using an Online Web Course as a Supplement to Staff Training

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"At Your Service: Welcoming Customers with Disabilities" is a free web course developed by the Southeast Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center (DBTAC), used to train staff on disability issues. The course is customized for use by One-Stop Career Center staff. It can be found at:

The objectives of this course are to:


At One-Stops on the North Shore of Massachusetts, frontline staff and office managers were strongly encouraged to participate in this web-based training as a supplement to ongoing trainings conducted by the National Center on Workforce & Disability/Adult (NCWD). The first six modules were recommended for completion. The idea was well-received by staff, as they were receptive to enhancing their skills and had previous positive experiences participating in trainings that help them serve people with disabilities. Topics are presented and then followed by a self-test. Topics include:

  1. Welcoming People to the One-Stop
    Test Your Knowledge: Disability Facts
  2. Disability Etiquette
    Test Your Knowledge: Disability Interaction
  3. Access for Everyone
    Test Your Knowledge: Access Laws
  4. Making a One-Stop Accessible
    Test Your Knowledge: Universal Access
  5. Reasonable Accommodations
    Test Your Knowledge: Making Reasonable Accommodations
  6. Non-Discrimination at the One-Stop
    Test Your Knowledge: Disability Rights

Each week, staff and office managers completed one section of the module. Managers addressed the topic assigned at weekly staff meetings and allowed time for discussion and questions as needed.


The web course has proven to be an effective supplement to in-house training, and at times more convenient. The web course allows the participant to log in and out as necessary to accommodate scheduling needs. One-Stop staff from virtually all U.S. states have benefited from the course. In addition, participants on an international level are now recognizing the value of the online web course.

For more information on this practice, please contact:
Mark Whitmore, North Shore Career Center, Salem, MA

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