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Finding Transportation Solutions: Questions to Consider

When assisting a job seeker with a disability to find transportation, the following questions can help identify possible solutions.

Own Vehicle

Do you have a drivers license?

Mass Transit

Is there mass transit that can take you to your job?

Note: some agencies, such as Independent Living Centers, Community Rehabilitation Providers, and others, teach people with disabilities to use mass transit via travel training. Orientation and Mobility (O & M) classes can help people who have visual impairments. The state blind and visually impaired agency should have information on O & M services.


Could you take a cab to work?

Walking & Biking

Is the job within walking distance? Biking distance? Moped distance?

Car Pooling & Employer Resources

Someone who could drive you

Who might be available to drive you to and from work?

If you can identify a driver but no vehicle, could a vehicle be purchased (possibly using a PASS-Plan for Achieving Self-Support, to cover the down payment) for someone else to drive you? [See information elsewhere in this section on using PASSs for transportation.]

Finding a driver

If you dont know anyone who could drive you, could you find a driver?

Transportation services

Brainstorming other ideas

Who could help you come up with ideas for transportation?

Paying for transportation

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