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Customized Employment Project: Virginia

OneSource Executive Summary

Cherie Leporatti
Customized Employment Coordinator
Fairfax County Department of Family Service
6245 Leesburg Pike, Suite 315
Falls Church VA 22040

The Northern Virginia Workforce Investment Board (NVWIB) is pleased to submit this grant application to the Department of Labor for the establishment of the OneSource project. The NVWIB is uniquely positioned to be the lead entity in a consortium of public and private principal partners and collaborators in developing model and replicable capacity in local one-stop centers and partner programs for customized employment services to un or under employed persons with disabilities. Since its inception in 1999, the NVWIB has undertaken a number of activities to address the leads of the local disability community. These activities include: 1) building community relationships 2) analyzing business requirements; 3) performing accessibility evaluation and 4) establishing a community representative Board of Directors.

The need for the OneSource project in Northern Virginia is clear. From recent US Census data, in the geographic areas that will be served under OneStop, over 16,000 individuals with significant disabilities are not in the labor force or are unemployed.

To help meet that need, the focus of the OneSource project is to build capacity over a five year period of one-stop SkillSource Centers and partner agencies to provide customized employment services to people with disabilities to "increase employment, choice and wages for people with disabilities."

    To support that focus the NVWIB has identified four OneSource goals:

  1. Increase the number of people with disabilities served in the workforce investment system.
  2. Increase the number of people with disabilities in community integrated employment.
  3. Increase the wages of people with disabilities served by the workforce investment system.
  4. Improve the capacity of the workforce investment system to provide customized employment to people with disabilities.

    To support those four goals, the OneSource project collaborators will pursue six strategies to accomplish project goals:

  1. Outreach to people with disabilities, particularly people who are un and under employed.
  2. Education and training of people with disabilities, families, and systems staff.
  3. Strategic planning, policy and process development in one-stop systems.
  4. Coordination of public and private partners, including employers, advocates, systems staff, service providers, and community based organizations.
  5. Linkage with policy and practice development activities, including DOL and other state and national systems.

The target population includes people with disabilities who are 18 years of age and older and reside in the counties of Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William and the cities of Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas, and Manassas Park located in Northern Virginia. The proposed period of performance is October 1, 2001 through September 30, 2006.

The OneStop team consists of eight (8) principle partners and ten (10) collaborators who have each pledged their commitment to the success of the OneSource project. The OneSource project is composed of an inclusive set of organizations and groups that, working together, represent many aspects of the disability community. Each of the partners and collaborators, system represented and their respect roles on the project are detailed in Figure 1.

Figure 1 OneSource Principal Partners and Collaborators

Principal Partners

System Represented

Project Role


Local Workforce Investment Board

Prime contractor, fiscal agent, and ODEP collaboration

ServiceSource, Inc.

Community Rehabilitation Program serving members of target group

Principal subcontractor. Employment model demonstration. Outreach and recruitment, and collaboration.

University of Iowa, RRTC on Workforce Investment and Employment Policy for People with Disabilities

Rehabilitation Training and Research Center (RRTC)

Development of local and statewide policy initiatives, lead strategic planning activities

The Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services

State vocational rehabilitation system

Assistive technology supports, equipment and training . Technical assistance

St. John's Community Services

Community Rehabilitation Program serving members of target group

Documentation, evaluation, and monitoring of project effectiveness

Northern Virginia Community College

Secondary education

Customized training

The Arc of Northern Virginia


Outreach, referral, advocacy

Virginia ACCSES

Statewide association of 34 community rehab programs

Benefits planning support, state and local system linkage

Other Collaborators

System Represented

Project Role

Consumer Advisory Group

Sheltered workers, day activity participants, or unserved persons

Model planning, development, demonstration, and evaluation

Local Community Service Boards (2)

Fairfax/Falls Church Prince William DD agenc.

Capacity building team member

Fairfax Cnty. Pub. Sch. Transition Services

School to Work transition

Capacity building team member


State DD/MH Agency

Capacity building team member

Virginia DMAS

State MEDICAID Agency

Capacity building team member

Business Adv. Council

No. Va. Business Comm.

Employment and supports

First Virginia Banks Inc.

Lending and financial institution

Capacity building team member, micro business advisor

Neighborhood Schools Now

Grass roots parent advocacy organization

Capacity building team

Va. Dept. of Blind & Visually Handicapped

State disability services organization

Capacity building team member

Laurie Mitchell Employment Center

Consumer operated training center

Outreach, referral and training, capacity building team member