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When Should Safety Glasses Be Worn? Find the Answer Here!

Writen by Joshua Clark

Fact checked by Daniel Rocha

In the workplace, the most common injuries that happen are those that affect the eyes. In fact, reports say that there are around two thousand workers in the US who incur job-related injuries needing medical treatment on a daily basis.

When Should Safety Glasses Be Worn

This is the main reason why you can see several eye doctors and safety experts who recommend wearing the right eye protection. This is crucial in lessening the severity of the injuries or in preventing at least 90 percent of its cases. Now the question is when should safety glasses be worn?

What is the perfect time and situation to wear the glasses? Use this article as your guide in finding relevant answers to that question.

Importance of Safety Glasses

Prescription safety glasses and non-prescription safety glasses are crucial for anyone who is constantly exposed to a few safety hazards at work, at home, or in any other environment. You might see these glasses looking like typical dress eyewear but take note that these are actually made in a way that they can offer significant eye protection.

They are important because they can give you peace of mind, knowing that they can keep you safe for as long as you are exposed to any safety hazard. The frames and lenses used in these safety glasses are also stronger compared to the regular ones.


In fact, all of them adhere to the standards and requirements set by ANSI, which stands for the American National Standards Institute. Just make sure that you look for a pair of safety glasses made of a frame or lens with a Z87 marking.

What is good about this safety eyewear is that it offers significant eye protection for the usual working conditions. This is particularly true for work environments exposing you to flying particles, chips, dust, or any other safety hazards.

You can even find safety glasses with a wraparound style or a side shield that offer additional protection for the side. The lenses used in the glasses are often constructed from Trivex, polycarbonate, and plastic materials.

All these materials adhere to the specific requirements set for eye protection. However, you can expect the polycarbonate lenses to offer maximum protection against impact. To ensure that your eyes receive adequate protection, ensure that your chosen safety glasses fit properly.

You also have to maintain them properly to prevent scratches and dirt that might only reduce your vision or trigger glare, contributing to certain accidents. By using the right and properly maintained protective eyewear, keeping yourself safe from all kinds of eye hazards is possible.

Wearing Safety Glasses in the Workplace

One of the specific places where you need to wear a pair of high-quality safety glasses is in the workplace. This is all the more important, especially if your present job exposes you to plenty of safety hazards.

Note that most eye injuries that happen in the workplace are caused by not wearing the right protective eyewear during the time the incident took place. This is the main reason why you should know the perfect time to wear safety eyewear in your workplace.

If you are the employer then you should also regularly remind your workers about when they should wear their safety glasses. The best way to start this habit is to understand workplace situations considered as high risk. In this case, find out if your job belongs to the category of the most hazardous occupations.

Note that most eye injuries in the workplace happen in the construction, health services, educational, trade, and manufacturing industries. If you are part of these industries then investing in a pair of dependable safety glasses should be on top of your priority.

Injuries in the manufacturing industry often take place in areas with industrial equipment, like grinders and sanders. It has also been reported that among those who usually experience workplace eye injuries are assembly workers.

In the field of construction, among those who are at risk of injuries are those that belong to craft workers. These include welders, repairers, carpenters, plumbers, and mechanics. Those who are working in the laboratory and the healthcare industry are also facing dangerous jobs.

They are constantly exposed to infectious diseases, such as hepatitis and HIV that might be transmitted via the eyes’ mucous membrane. Janitors in this industry even face the same danger because their work exposes them to chemicals. With all these exposures to safety hazards, wearing the right safety glasses is a must.

Wearing Safety Glasses at Home

Aside from the need to wear protective or safety glasses in the workplace, it is also necessary to have this eyewear worn at home. Some people have a common misconception that just because they are at home, they are already safe. The problem is that eye injuries also take place at home just like in the workplace.

As a matter of fact, around 44 percent of eye injuries actually occur at home. In addition 4 out of every 10 accidents causing blindness take place at home. Some of these incidents happen in the family room, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Outside, injuries affecting the eyes occur when doing some yard work.


It is mainly because of some safety hazards, such as trimmers, mowers, and shovels that tend to proper some dirt and debris to the air. There are also instances when thorns, twigs, and branches swing to the air. If you are into gardening, there is also a risk for you to get exposed to injuries caused by sharp tools and chemicals.

With that in mind, you also have to make it a point to wear safety glasses at home. Wear one each time you perform your household activities. It would be best to have at least one pair ready in a core location in your home.

If necessary, have multiple pairs and put them close to your working areas, particularly your kitchen, basement, shed, and garage. That way, you can always grab a pair each time you need to do some work at home. It would be better to be fully prepared than be sorry when you encounter an accident and an eye injury due to negligence later on.

Wearing Safety Glasses When Playing Sports

The need to wear safety glasses is not only limited to when you are at work and when you are doing some routine household chores. Note that any sport can also trigger an eye injury. As a matter of fact, around 40,000 emergency room visits take place on an annual basis due to eye injuries related to sport.

Any sport can trigger eye-related injuries but you can expect it to be more common in racquetball and baseball due to the fact that they involve high speeds. These injuries also often take place in basketball since this involves proximity with other players.


It is also possible for these injuries to happen when you are playing a high-injury sport, like paintball. Most of these injuries actually require surgical intervention. If you are involved in any sport, therefore, then it would be best to protect your eyes with the proper safety glasses.

Safety Glasses for Children

If you have kids then it is also crucial to require them to wear safety glasses. This is especially important if your kids play sports because this activity can put them at risk of dealing with an eye injury.

Also, take note that kids usually get injured by being close to the most common safety hazards affecting the eyes. Protect their eyes if they are playing in the yard or watching fireworks display. They need to wear their protective eyewear each time they get close to obvious safety hazards.


Utmost discomfort and poor fashion can no longer be considered as valid excuses for avoiding the need to wear safety glasses. With modern designs today, it is actually easy to find stylish and comfortable safety glasses that serve their purpose of protecting your eyes.

The only thing you have to determine is the exact time when should safety glasses be worn in your case so you can always have them ready anytime you need them.

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